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System Integration

System Integration.

It refers to the process by which multiple individual subsystems or sub-components are combined into one all-encompassing larger system thereby allowing the subsystems to function together.

Why System Integration?

  • The main goal is to get various IT systems to talk to each other through the integration thus speeding up information sharing.
  • System integration allows the main system to achieve the main functionality required by the organization/company.
  • It connects any company/organization with third parties such as suppliers, customers and shareholders.
  • It also allows suppliers keep track of raw material levels, allows customers to keep track of finished goods inventory and shareholders to view the company position at a glance in a dashboard style in real time. All of these conditions can be met very modestly through the use of system integration supplied by us (Kumusoft Solutions Ltd) a reliable systems integrator.

How we do it.

We follow the following steps to achieve a successful system integration;

  • Requirements gathering: The first step of this process consists of one or more meetings when you the client gets to share ideas and requirements with us the systems integrator.
  • Analysis: We then critically analyze the requirements gathered, pick out the achievable specifications to come up with a detailed user requirement specification document that we share with you the client for acceptance and sign off.
  • Architecture design: This involves a conceptual representation of the components and subcomponents that reflects the behavior of a system.
  • Systems Integration designt: Here we come up with a generic design methodology to map out how the systems will be able to talk to each other, this sometime results into an API documentation or system integration design document.
  • System Integration Testing: This involves quality assurance testing using the available tools for example; postman, SoapUI, Katalon Studio, JMete etc.
  • Implementation: If all tests pass and accepted by the client and end user through user acceptance testing, we then implement the system integration by deploying it to the live/production environment.
  • Maintenance: Kumusoft Solutions Ltd just doesn’t varnish or work away after implementation, we contienusoly check, update, fix any bugs and develop any additions to the systems we develop for our clients through support and maintenance contracts.

System Integrations that we have done.

  • SMS gateway Integrations: We recently integrated the Equal Opportunities Commission Gender and Equity Management Information system to the NITA_U SMS gateway, this has enabled the commission to instantly communicate by sending out SMS to their stakeholders such us; assessors, trainers and MDA institution assessment representatives.
  • Systems to Payment platforms: we integrated the Police Revenue Administration system to URA eTAX payment platform for purposes of registration of a payment registration number (PRN), instant payment conformation and reconciliation of ONTR fees through the consolidated account under Ministry of Finance.
  • URA_ERPs EFRIS Integration: We are integrating business accounting systems such as; Tally, SAP, Quick books etc. to the URA_EFRIS system this is to ensure transaction-based revenue collection through fiscalization of all documents issued by a company/business which include; Invoices, Receipts, credit and debit notes, and a such compliance to the new directive by URA/government as per the Tax Procedures Code amendment act 2018 is adhered to.
  • Data Integrations: We are integrating the ministry of finance Planning and Budgeting System to the EOC Gender and Equity Information management system for data/information exchange of Ministerial Policy statements, Budget framework papers and work plans for all programes, Sectors, Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

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