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Server Administration

Server installation, maintenance, updates and cloud server management.

Our dedicated team with years of expertise in delivering server administration services we bring extensive technical and functional expertise to help you increase the security, visibility, reliability and functionality of your server workloads.
Find expertise spans all types of IT server environments Linux server installations, cloud server management private, hybrid and public, software as a service, platform as a service.

We make your work easier.

  • From the initial assessment and production of the business needs you have, we’ll help you successfully migrate and manage your business with capabilities that fully leverage the features and performance benefits of your cloud environment.
  • Any company that depends on IT operations to support customer-facing systems and deliver its products or services over the Internet understands, that server management services are crucial for ensuring stable operations and uninterrupted value delivery. Kumusoft can back you up in this by more than a decade of experience in providing server outsourcing services.

Why you should choose our Cloud server services.

  • We supply and manage cloud servers. Our experts have a strong understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of each approach to the cloud and will help you evaluate and choose the best architecture and products to support your unique business requirements.
  • We have proven to be a reliable and competent partner over time. The quality of the work delivered is always excellent. it is extremely professional and the prominent level of communication and coordination helps ensure continued support and Maintenace service. From a technical standpoint, we offer well thought out solutions that use current technology trends.

Linux server Installation and management.

  • Get the latest Linux server installations and management services from our engineers that will provide you with full time support. We provide server installations such as Offline server that gives you access to URA portal.

What we have done.

The ample experience with designing, building, scaling and running various SaaS solutions. This comprises of the powerful web application systems that are managed on our cloud server.

  • EOC Equal Opportunity Commission. This is used by more than 1000 people at the same time accessing different services. The use of latest development technology tools used makes it to be more resilient and effective to serve the purpose of Tracking.