Our Portfolio

"GEMIS" is a Gender and Equity Management Information systems.

This is a system that provides managers with easy access to measure perfomance, tracking and monitoring different interventions of data. It also provides assesment which is carried out by EOC.

  • Improved Compliance and Security.
  • Instant Report Sharing, generate reports.

The system will enable EOC share reports instantly as the system will be developed to generate reports as and when the data inputs are done by the users. The reports to be shared will include; Training, Assessment and Tracking with all Institutions and other stakeholders that have accounts on the external public portal.

Efris Intergration Is a Middleware that intergrates multiple systems to URA.

Our Efris Integration helps you to connect with various URA and other systems that supports integration. These include Tally, Quickbooks and many more to enable you make all necessary transactions as earlier requested by URA.

  • Manage your accounts and inventory with 100% URA EFRIS compliance.

We have created Tally.EFRIS add-on to enable your Tally ERP system easily capture all the information needed to generate compliant Invoice, Credit notes and Debit notes at Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)

What it does?

"PORAS" is a Police Revenue Administration System that is used to manage Police Non Tax Revenue and administration of classified processes and data under various system modules such as; Revenue HQ, Private Security & Firearms, Counter Terrorism, classified Registry.

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